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Vestavia Hills, AL


Filming in Kansas

Stasi Bara

How did Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz) know  she wasn't in Kansas anymore?  The wind wasn't blowing!  

Unless you have been to Kansas that little joke may not lead you to do anything more than a, "huh".  BUT, if you have been to the plains of Kansas, you know the wind never stops blowing.  

Working with Jamie and Bruce from Red Barn Media Group, we produced videos promoting replacement parts for farming equipment.  Arriving a day early, we scouted the field.  It was a calm, warm day in June.  Our guide did mention what a nice day and the wind isn't blowing.  Since we had never been to Kansas before, we had no idea what was in store.  On shoot day, the wind blew from sunrise to sunset 20-30 MPH.  If you set something on the ground, dust would cover it.  When you watch the videos, notice the talents hair.  It is being blown back the entire time.  That's not the challenge, though.  What really concerned people was hearing the wind in the video.  Loud thumping wind noise will kill a video.  Luckily, the dead wombat (yes, that's what it is called) covering the mic blimp did an excellent job keeping the wind noise at bay.  BUT, check out Bruce holding the mic.  Yup, it's windy!